Tour sắp tham gia – ngày 2 tháng 10- 7 ngày đi Arches,Mt Rushmore,Yellowstone,Grand Teton và Salt Lake City ,

Ngày 1:  từ Los Angeles, California,  đi Las  Vegas, Nevada, đến Richfield, Utah, nghỉ đêm ở Richfield
Ngày 2: Ghé  Công viên quốc gia Arches , đến Colorado, Denver, nghỉ đêm tại Denver
Ngày 3: Đến thị trấn cowboy Cheyenne, tiếp tục đi Crazy Horse và Mt. Rushmore, nghỉ đêm ở Deadwood, South Dakota
Ngày 4: Ghé thăm Khu Bảo tồn Bighorn của người da đỏ, băng qua dãy Rocky và đến Công viên quốc gia Yellowstone, nghỉ đêm tại đây
Ngày 5: Tiếp tục tham quan Yellowstone; đi dọc theo Snake River để đến Công viên quốc gia Grand Teton, và đến bang cowboy Wyoming, ghé thăm thị trấn Jackson Hole, nghỉ đêm tại Ogden, Utah
Ngày 6: Trực chỉ thành phố Salt Lake, thăm đến Mormon, vể lại Las Vegas, nghỉ đêm tại Casino khách sạn Stratosphere
Ngày 7: Vegas về Los Angeles, ghé qua Factory Outlet, đến LA khoảng 6pm

lịch trình chi tiết, xem thêm dưới đây

DAY1: Los Angeles – Las Vegas – Richfield

Bathed in the early morning sunshine, we leave the hubbub of the city to begin an exciting 7-day trip. The bus rolls northward along Freeway 15, shorts of the forests of San Bernardino, and enters the Mojave Desert, the largest in North America. Here one comes upon an unusual scene of stunted, austere Joshua trees dotting a barren landscape that stretches to the horizon. After lunch in Las Vegas, we enter Arizona, the state with the largest native Indian population, pass through the magnificent Virgin River Canyon, We proceed to Virgin River Oasis, and then enter Utah – Richfield.
Hotel: Appletree Inn (145 S Main St, Richfield, UT 84701) or similar

DAY2: Arches National Park – Denver

In the morning we go to Arches National Park, which has the world largest concentration of natural sandstone arches. Within this national park of 73, 000 acres, one finds more than six hundreds natural rock arches of different shapes and sizes of the erosive forces of wind and water gave created a wonderland of rock formations, some resembling lofty spires, some like windows, one that looks like an elder admonishing his two associates, one that looks likes a whale’s eyes, others that look like doughnuts, and so forth. We then enter Colorado and stay overnight in Denver City.
Hotel: Courtyard Marriott (6565 South Boston, Greenwood Village, CO 80111) or Similar

DAY3 Cheyenne – Mountain Rushmore – Deadwood

Depart for Cheyenne which was cowboy town yesteryears. Continue to Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore. The Mt. Rushmore National Monument is with the sculptured faces of four presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Stay overnight at Deadwood.
Hotel: Franklin Hotel (709 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732) or Similar

DAY4 Yellowstone National Park

We proceed to the Bighorn Indian Reservation area, where the main scenes of the film “Dancing with Wolves” was shot, and cross the Rocky Mountain range the Continental Divide of the United States – to enter a word of lush greenery at Yellowstone National park. This ancient volcanic region, a quarter the size of Taiwan, is the world’s first national park as well as the biggest world animal preserve in the United States. Here we see trout straining upstream in clear rivulets and lush prairies with bison and deer grazing on them. This is also the home of black bears, grizzly bears, moose, and a variety of rare waterfowl.
Hotel: Yellowstone Park Inn (236 Dunraven, W. Y’ Stone, MT 59758) or similar

DAY5 Grand Teton National Park – Jackson Hole – Odgen

After breakfast, continue to visit the Yellowstone National Park. Afterwards, continue along the Snake River to the Grand Teton National Park, and then towards the cowboy state – Wyoming. In the afternoon, enjoy a brief visiting at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the town that epitomizes the true Wild West. stay overnight in Ogden City.
Hotel: Days inn (3306 Washington Blvd, Ogden, UT 84401) or Similar

DAY6 Salt Lake City – Las Vegas

As we ensure for our destination Salt Lake City, we will examine the building of this extraordinary culture – how an arid desert surrounded by saline streams can breed such modernized and industrialized society. We will also pay our respect to the Mormon Temple and the State Capital. Later we will arrive in Las Vegas.
Hotel: Stratosphere Casino (2000 Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104) or similar

DAY7 Las Vegas – Factory Outlet Center – Los Angeles

We leave Las Vegas in the morning, make a brief stop at a factory outlets where renowned name brand garments and leather jackets can be had. We arrive in Los Angeles in the evening (around 6:00pm) to end this memorable and abundant excursion. If you want to depart from Las Vegas, please schedule flights depart from Las Vegas after 2:00pm.

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